AACD Los Angeles 2018 -The Marina Del Rey Meeting includes a Multi-Specialty Faculty who are recognized and established leaders within their specialty, as well as those that actively participate in aesthetic treatments under study or clinical review. AACD 2018 is an important and influential aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology meeting recognized for its scientific and academic leadership. Please check back soon as our Faculty listings will be constantly updated.

Dr. Andrew Breithaupt – Dermatologist, Beverly Hills, CA
Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr. – Dermatologist, Los Gatos, CA
Dr. Paul Chasan – Plastic Surgeon, La Jolla, CA
Dr. David Duffy – Dermatologist, Torrance, CA
Dr. Jason Emer – Dermatologist, Beverly Hills, CA
Dr. Richard Gentile – Facial Plastic Surgeon, Youngstown, OH
Dr. Nima Gharavi – Dermatologist – Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Robert Goldberg – Ocular Surgeon, UCLA Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Karyn Grossman – Dermatologist, Santa Monica, CA
Dr. John Hilinski – Facial Plastic Surgeon, La Jolla, CA
Dr. Kian Karimi – Facial Plastic Surgeon, Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Gregory Keller – Facial Plastic Surgeon, Santa Barbara, CA
Dr. Lawrence Moy – AACD Course Director, Dermatologist, Manhattan Beach, CA
Stephanie Moy – Manhattan Beach, CA
Angela O’Mara – AACD Program Director, Marketing Consultant, Irvine, CA
Dr. Alexander Rivkin – Cosmetic Surgeon, Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Kevin Sadati – Facial Plastic Surgeon, Newport Beach, CA
Dr. David Samimi – Ocular Surgeon, Santa Monica, CA
Dr. Walter Tom – Cosmetic Surgeon, Santa Rosa, CA
Dr. John Vartanian – Facial Plastic Surgeon, Glendale, CA
Dr. Craig Ziering – Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon, Beverly Hills, CA


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