Friday, January 27, 2017

Practice Marketing Summit & AACD Scientific Sessions:  2 pm – 6 pm

 AACD Registration Desk Opens at 1:00 pm

2:00 Practice Marketing Summit Moderator: Lawrence Moy, MD

2:00 Welcome and Overview of AACD & The Practice Marketing Summit – Dr. Lawrence Moy

2:05 Practice Building Solutions For 2017 – Angela O’Mara, The Professional Image, Inc.

2:15 On A Limited Budget? How To Compete With The BIG Boys – Michael Antosy, Advice Media

2:30 All or Nothing: Make These 15 Changes to Your Blog Strategy or Don’t Blog at All – Drew Leahy, Incredible Marketing

2:45 Local Optimization, As It Applies To Your Internet Presence – Peter Houtz, Plastic Surgery Studios

3:00 Reputation: Managing Your Online Listings – Peter Houtz, Plastic Surgery Studios

3:30 Accreditation 4-1-1 – Victoria Samper, IMQ

3:45 The Sharks Are Circling: Legal Pitfalls That Can Sink Your Practice,

and How to Protect Against Them – Alex R. Thiersch, JD, American Med Spa Association (AmSpa)

4:00 The Top 5 Habits Of A Successful Aesthetic Surgeon – Dr. Nima Shemirani

4:15 Best Practices for Converting Leads to Attended Appointments – A 5 year Case Study of 100,000 Scheduled Appointments from over

200 Aesthetic Practices – Jason Tuschman, Red Spot Interactive

 4:30 Coffee Break in Exhibit Hall

 5:00 AACD Scientific Sessions Opening Talks Moderator: Lawrence Moy, MD

5:00 Facial Contouring and Skin Tightening Which Device When, Where and Why? – Dr. Richard Gentile

5:15 Botulinum Toxins 2017 – Dr. Nicholas Lowe

5:30 Silicone – Time For A Second Act? – Dr. David Duffy

 5:45 What’s Trending In Body Contouring For 2017 Moderator: Lawrence Moy, MD

5:45 The Skinny of Fat – Dr. Deepak Dugar

6:30-7:30 Welcome Reception and Hors d’Ouvres In Exhibit Hall


Saturday, January 28, 2017

 7:15 Breakfast in Exhibit Hall

Morning Sessions

8:00 Advances In Facial Rejuvenation & Skin Updates Moderator: Lawrence Moy, MD

8:00 Scar Treatment; What’s New? – Dr. Nicholas Lowe

8:15 The Male Face – How To Achieve An Excellent Result – Dr. Walton Montegut

8:30 Options For The Aging Neck – Dr. Juris Bunkis

8:45 Anatomic Guidelines for Artistic Facial Fat Grafting with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – Dr. Walter Tom

9:00 Neck Enhancement Using Deoxycholic Acid – Dr. John Vartanian

9:15 Integrating Facial Contouring and Skin Tightening Procedures into Facial Rejuvenation Protocols – Dr. Richard Gentile

9:45 Concurrent Rhytidectomy and Full Facial Laser Skin Rejuvenation – Dr. Richard Gentile

10:00 Break in Exhibit Hall

10:15-11:30 New Technology In Aesthetics Moderator: Richard Gentile, MD

10:15 IPL, Fractional Lasers and RF Combinations – Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr.

10:30 Autologous Lipocytes Micronized Injection for Facial Contouring and Facial Rejuvenation – Dr. Lawrence Moy

10:45 Understanding and Treating Photo-Aging With Pre and Post Skin Care – Franck Joly

11:00 Injectable RF and Absorbable Suture Lifting For Mid-Face and Neck Lifting – Dr. Gregory Keller

11:15 Stem Cell Stimulation and Skin Rejuvenation: Current Practices – Dr. Gregory Keller

11:30 Surgical and Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty – Dr. John Vartanian

11:45 Asset Protection & Tax Reduction Structures For The Aesthetic Surgeon – Leland McKay

12:45 Lunch in Exhibit Hall

1:45 Objectively Planning, Executing & Measuring Patient Acquisition and Retention – Jason Tuschman

Afternoon Sessions

2:30 Injectable Synergy – PDO Threads and Fillers for Maximal Results – Dr. Kian Karimi

2:45 Croton Oil/Phenol Peels 2017 – Dr. Peter Rullan

3:00 The 15 Minute Peel (Demonstration) – Dr. Peter Rullan

3:15 Non-Surgical Facial Sculpting: Going Beyond The Cheeks – Dr. Alexander Rivkin

4:00 – 6:30 The Changing Face of 2017 – Fillers and

Facial Tightening Demonstrations

Aesthetic applications are ever-evolving. This session will demonstrate

facial fillers, PDO Threads and other injectable techniques to restore facial

fullness, address laxity, fine lines and wrinkles and other aging issues of

the face and body.

Instructors: Dr. Kian Karimi, Dr. Alexander Rivkin, Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr.

6:30 Adjourn until Sunday


Sunday, January 29, 2017

7:15 Breakfast in Exhibit Hall

8:00 – 9:00 Medical Legal Issues In The Aesthetic Practice and MedSpa

Speaker: Alex R. Thiersch, JD, Founder, American Med Spa Association

Leaders in the aesthetic, laser and cosmetic healthcare industries need to pay careful attention to

the many legal and regulatory issues that commonly arise in medical aesthetics. Whether you are

a physician or a business entrepreneur who wants to expand or open a facility to provide aesthetic

medical procedures, you should be aware of any legal and liability implications. In this session, Alex R.

Thiersch, JD, will address critical legal issues for medical aesthetic practices, including the following.

  • An overview of state-based rules and regulations affecting the aesthetic, cosmetic and laser industries.
  • Commissions: The fee-splitting conundrum – is it legal? Is Groupon fee-splitting?
  • Ownership: Who can own a medical facility? What is the best way to structure a corporation?
  • Medical facility supervision and delegation—must a physician be present and examine every new patient?
  • Aestheticians and laser technicians: What they can and cannot do.
  • The laws surrounding referrals and gift cards.

9:00 Hair Restoration, PRP and More Moderator: Lawrence Moy, MD

9:00 Advances in Hair loss Treatment Options – Dr. Craig Ziering

9:15 Robotic Hair Restoration: ARTAS 9x – Dr. Craig Ziering

9:30 10 Things I Have Learned (and You Should Know) From Performing Over 1000 Eyebrow Transplants – Dr. Marc Dauer

9:45 Polymethylmethacrylate Injections – My Long-Term Experience – Dr. John Hilinski

10:00 Facial Contouring With Poly-L-Lactic Acid – Dr. John Hilinski

10:15 Facial Fat Grafting with PRP – Dr. Kevin Sadati

10:30 Q & A with all speakers

 10:45 Break in Exhibit Hall

 11:00 Eyes and More Moderator: Lawrence Moy, MD

11:00 The Unhappy Blepharoplasty Patient – Dr. Robert Goldberg

11:15 Blepharoplasty Pearls – Dr. Robert Goldberg

11:30 Functional Uses of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers – Dr. Robert Goldberg

11:45 Facial Rejuvenation using local anesthesia and twilight sedation – Dr. Kevin Sadati

12:00 Acoustic Waves: More than Just a Pounding – Dr. Gregory Keller

 12:15 Lunch in Exhibit Hall

1:15 Controlling Hyperpigmentation with a Non-Hydroquinone Gel: Using Before and After Lasers and Chemical peels – Stephanie Moy

1:30 Advancements in Pulse Light Therapy and Laser Rejuvenation – Dr. Lawrence Moy

2:00 – 4:00 Technology Demonstrations – Practical Uses Moderator: Lawrence Moy, MD

A Winning Combination for Face and Neck: Radiofrequency

with absorbable sutures. LIVE demonstration will be presented

to share how patients can get great results without surgery.

Instructor: Dr. Gregory Keller.

 Combined uses of various technology modalities for

optimal patient care.

Lecturer: Dr. Lawrence Moy.

4:00 Adjourn – AACD ends.

The focus of The Advanced Aesthetics & Cosmetic Dermatology Symposium is to discuss and demonstrate the newest advancements in non-surgical approaches to facial and body aging. New techniques and technology for skin tightening including lasers, RF technology and other ablative technologies will be featured, as will facial fillers, skin topicals and other rejuvenative and regenerative approaches to aging. AACD 2017 welcomes aesthetic physicians and their office staff, as well as RN’s.

AACD Los Angeles 2017 includes faculty who are recognized and established leaders within their specialty, as well as those that actively participate in aesthetic treatments under study or clinical review. It is our hope that you will want to be part of what will be an important and influential aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology meeting recognized for its scientific and academic leadership. While there is ample technology available to aesthetic physicians to help them deliver good results to their patients, many of the current educational courses are aimed at new trainee experiences, rather than advanced modalities for a more experienced physician.

AACD Los Angeles 2017 will benefit beginner and advanced laser users, as well as plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, surgeons, dermatologists, otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists, oculoplastic surgeons, and other health care professionals interested in the current status of facial and body aging as it relates to aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology. In addition we will be holding a Practice Marketing Summit educational experience so that your staff can gain maximum access to professional industry leaders in practice business development, management and marketing, as well as legal and financial matters.


Starting on Friday afternoon, AACD offers a Practice Marketing Summit aimed to help attendees start the year by learning the necessary steps to build a successful, resourceful and patient centric aesthetic practice. Physicians and leaders in business, financial, leasing programs, marketing, public relations, SEO/Internet outreach, website development, social media, practice management and risk management will be part of this exciting, informative and effective workshop.  This is a MUST NOT MISS OPPORTUNITY for doctors and their staff to learn from the experts.

Learning Objectives

the AACD Los Angeles 2017 meeting will leave with:

  • A better understanding and knowledge of new approaches to facial and body aging.
  • An advanced understanding of diagnosis as it relates to skin and body age related conditions and treatments thereof.
  • The ability to immediately implement any of the newer techniques and technologies discussed into their daily practice schedule


AACD Los Angeles 2017 is managed by The Professional Image, Inc. The Agenda above is not finalized and is subject to change. For more information call 949.768.1522.